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Blue Tongue Carpets Northern Beaches Flooring Center

Confused? I'm not at all surprised. PLEASE for your own sake realise that when you purchase floor coverings you are not just buying a product like a TV or a car. You are also choosing (hopefully) a qualified tradesperson to enter your home, move your personal items & complete a CUSTOM fit for YOUR particular, one off project. Sure price is important but if you buy on price alone chances are you just bought some headaches. Just like schools, restaurants, dentists, massage, clothes etc the cheapest is usually a poor choice.

As an owner / renovator or developer, you've undoubtedly already experienced some degree of frustration with your floor covering projects. So, allow me to help reduce the amount of time, money, effort and stress it takes you to see these decisions through to completion. We can personally assist you in demystifying the world of floor coverings & show you how to make the right choice. Even large commercial jobs are no problem. With our past acquisitions of NSW Government contracts we are now one of the very few retailer/suppliers who are completely OH&S compliant & certified.

My name is Stephan Lofting and I am the sole owner / proprietor of a somewhat unique floor covering establishment in Mona Vale - Blue Tongue Carpets. Sydney's most innovative, service orientated & user friendly store. - Carpets, Rugs, Runners, Timber, Bamboo, Laminates, Cork, Vinyl, Tiles, Overlocking, commercial & residential, accessories, marine & automotive, indoor, outdoor & DIY, repairs & restretching; We have it all! - Do it right, do it once. That's what we say and that's what we do.

With literaly thousands of flooring products to choose from we are definitely not short on choice but our real strength is that we are independent but with the backing & support of groups & stores. You always (hopefully) get what you pay for, right? I know you won't get better value for money elsewhere! I am sure you will tell your friends about your positive experience - that's how we have grown & continue to grow with virtually no advertising. I bump into my customers at the local shops or beach EVERY day of the week. I can always hold my head high with pride & confidence at another job well done. Have a brouse at our testimonials page.

Success in business is parralelled by success in life. True integrity is the key. It's all about good, honest relationships. Good relationships are born out of clear open communication and are confirmed with congruent words & actions. This results in forming a solid foundation of mutual trust. Whether you are a customer/buyer or a salesperson/seller, the recipe for the best possible outcome is VERY SIMPLE !! - When you say you will do something - DO IT ! - IT'S EASY !! WIN/WIN.  I am here to stay !!!!!!!!!! Do it right & do it once. With us it is not just a name but a promise!

We are not your normal carpet store and it's our differences that have enabled us to provide the community with a wide range of products and services, some that are exclusive and unique to us while earning us the enviable reputation as "The Peninsulars most trusted name in floor coverings!" Support us and I personally guarantee that we WILL support you.

Our factory showroom is open 6 days:

Monday-Friday: 10am-4pm - Saturdays: 10am-1pm

Sundays, Public holidays & long weekends - CLOSED

Stephan Lofting - Proprietor & store Manager.